One: Collaborative Housing and Community Resilience

The first seminar in the series of six, took place in Newcastle upon Tyne over two days from 11th to 12th December 2014.

Day one: New dialogues on collaboration: dismantling the public-private binary.

Day two: Shifting the debate on housing: challenging who gets to build— what, where and how.

We will shortly add to this page a summary of some of the main themes and points of discussion that derived from this first contextualising seminar. Following contributions from the presenters  (speakers listed here and all the presentations are attached below) delegates examined the history of collaborative housing movement extracting lessons for today and reviewed the landscape of terminology, key characteristics both in the UK and further afield and the current housing policy context.

Speakers included:

A Season Ticket to the Promised Land

On the Thursday evening we were enthralled by an illustrated lecture highlighting some of the pivotal episodes in the history of communal living and citizen protest to reclaim the commons.

Photo gallery of the first seminar →

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