Four: Collaborative Housing, Mutual Support and Specialist Care

THE fourth SEMINAR IN THE SERIES OF SIX WILL TAKE PLACE in nottingham on 14th september 2015.

This seminar directly addresses the topic of community resilience and will examine the challenges and opportunities for supporting mutual self-reliance in cohousing communities. This includes the provision of different kinds of care and support.

We will consider the individual and collective needs of community members, the values of cohousing communities and their everyday practices. We will examine the relationships between these things in the day to day experiences of cohousing practices and governance. We will also enquire into the relationship and potential between the ways that cohousing negotiates mutual support and the ways it is handled at state and local levels of public policy and practices, including the commissioning of specialist care. We will examine what, if anything, distinguishes cohousing’s experiences, challenges and potential from other forms of community-led/community-based developments. Is cohousing distinct from other forms of intentional community?

The seminar will take place at Nottingham University, Monday 14th September. We are inviting prospective participants to complete and submit an application form from Monday 24th July and applications will close after 3pm on Monday 24th August 2015.

All the information you need to be able to apply can be downloaded from the attached application form.

For this seminar, it is a key requirement that all applicants must state on the application form their personal/professional/research reasons for wanting to attend the seminar and what they would like to contribute to the discussion. Please return the completed application form directly to Nottingham University (instructions are in the form).

We anticipate that the seminar will be oversubscribed and so please wait for confirmation of a place from a member of the ESRC Research Seminar team before confirming plans for travel. The seminar is free of charge. We are unable to help with travel costs, with the exception of a limited number of bursaries for postgraduate/ low-wage/ non-profit sector participants. To be considered for one of the bursaries, please complete the relevant section of the application form.

We look forward to seeing you in Nottingham!

Lucy (Nottingham Univeristy), Sarah, Jo and the ESRC co-applicants.