Parliamentary launch: ‘Cohousing: Shared Futures’

Our ESRC Seminar series concluded with a Parliamentary launch of the project’s final report entitled: ‘Cohousing: shared futures‘.

The launch, held on 22 June 2016, was hosted by Richard Bacon MP.

Associated documents and links:

  1. Website with full proceedings, agenda and presentation: Parliamentary Launch
  2. Helen Jarvis Tribute to Jo Cox MP: Tribute
  3. Final Report: Cohousing: Shared Futures
  4. Final ESRC Seminar, 21 June: Mainstreaming Cohousing in Urban Development



One thought on “Parliamentary launch: ‘Cohousing: Shared Futures’

  1. Jon Johnson says:

    Hoping to integrate some co-housing into our affordable eco home project. REACH Jomes are full-spec eco conversions based on ISO containers with pasivhaus insulation, MVHR and many other low-impact features.
    Inspired by visit to Lilac, know Shirle Hill mob and, through UnLtd grant I’m working with 12 other innovative housing schemes around the country.
    More info on our scheme at REACH Homes on Facebook, website cooming soon.
    Any enqs to Jon 07882209137


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